Understanding what causes Diabetes Type 1 or Type 2 and learn how to prevent before it occurs.

Here at TheUrbanRecipes it’s our call to research more about this health problem. Since most of the people who regret taking care of their bodies need to understand that what you eat plays a big role in taking care of health problems such as Diabetes.

Early Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes in Men

The Early Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes in Men Type 2 diabetes is an increasingly common condition, affecting 8.5% of the global population. It can have a huge impact on quality of life and often leads to circulatory problems as well as kidney failure. Knowing the...

Does Obesity Causes Diabetes Type 2

Relationship between Your Weight and Diabetes In order to understand does obesity cause diabetes type 2 you will have to first of all understand the causes of diabetes. In fact diabetes is caused due to a number of disorders in your body like chronic high level of...

Understanding What Causes Diabetes Type 2

Understanding What Causes Diabetes Type 2 – Let's Find out There are many medical conditions which are widespread and found in each and every nook and corner of the world. Blood sugar or diabetes as it is known commonly. There are millions of people who suffer from...

The Healthiest Diet Food List for Diabetics

The Healthiest Diet Plan or Food List for Diabetics Food really matters a lot when it comes to diabetes. A little bit of mistake in food selection can cost a diabetic patient his health. Therefore, we’ve come up with the best diabetic foods list; type 2 diabetic food...

Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms in Children

Basic Information on Type 2 Diabetes and Symptoms in Children Type 2 diabetes is a serious condition that should be avoided at all costs. Not to be confused with type 1 diabetes, which is generally genetic and not caused by external factors, type 2 diabetes arises in...

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Easy Healthy Shrimp With Broccoli Recipe

Shrimp with Broccoli is not just an easy recipe to prepare but a healthy dish as well because of the ingredients that are really good for the body. Especially the broccoli which is one of the world's healthiest foods. I am not a nutritionist or a doctor but ever since...
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Sinigang na Salmon At Hipon Recipe

This Sinigang na Salmon at Hipon Recipe is one of the Healthy Salmon Meal Recipes. Sinigang or sour soup is one of the comfort foods of the many Filipino. Sinigang is very popular in the Philippines and you are not considered a Filipino if you haven't tasted yet the...
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Oven Cooking Sweet and Spicy Baby Back Ribs Recipe

So as there are a hundred different versions of Baked Baby Back Ribs, there is also one recipe that captured my heart. Maybe the reason behind this is I am an Asian. This sweet and spicy baby back ribs that I am sharing right now is an Asian inspired version of baby...
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Easy Crispy Lechon Kawali Recipe – Fry, Baked or Oven Style

Let me just ask you folks, who doesn't want a Crispy and juicy Lechon Kawali? I heared someone at the back of my mind telling me, "no one" LOL. Well, as for the Filipinos, almost no one will dare to tell me that they don't want a lechon kawali. English-speaking...
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Best Traditional Filipino Seafood Paella Recipe

 Best Traditional Filipino Seafood Paella Recipe is a recipe I learned from our Spanish Cuisine lesson. This is also the same picture taken when Charred and I cooked this in the school. We don't want to change this picture since it is the very first time we...
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Best Korean Dish Bibimbap Recipe

  Best Korean Dish Bibimbap Recipe is a Korean recipe. Bibimbap is one of the famous dish in Korea which literally means "mixed rice". Korean Dish Bibimbap Recipeis served with a bowl of white rice topped with beautifully arranged sauteed and seasoned...
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Baked Milk Fish or Bangus Recipe in Foil

  Baked Milk Fish or Bangus Recipe is an easy piecy fish recipe that even a newbie can get appraisal from the people who will be served with this delightful and hearty dish. Bangus (Milk Fish or Chanos Chanos) is one of the most common fishes in the Philippines....
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Best Bistek Tagalog Recipe

  Best Bistek Tagalog Recipe is one of the well-known recipes in the Philippines especially in Tagalog regions that's why it is called "bistek tagalog". Bistek Tagalog is the Filipino version of the classic "Bistec", a Mexican dish of pieces and slices of salted beef...
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Pakbet or Pinakbet Ilocano Style Recipe

Pakbet or pinakbet Ilocano style recipe is another popular Filipino vegetable recipe. Pakbet or pinakbet Ilocano style recipe is a tasty vegetable recipe that is made up of different vegetables, shrimp paste or salted anchovies, pork or dried seafood....
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Easy Ensaladang Lechon Kawali Recipe

This post is about one of the best appetizers in the Philippines. Ensaladang Lechon Kawali can be served as a main course with rice. Most Filipinos love this during lunch or dinner. And just the way they love this as their main course with rice, men here in the...
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