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Hello everyone, welcome to The Urban Recipes! It is so nice to meet YOU here.

The Urban Recipes is a food blog to help, maybe not everyone but some who fears to stay in their own kitchen. Or maybe those of you who struggle about preparing the repeated 5 to 6 meals almost every week. We have been there before and this is why we came up to build this food blog for you who looking for different variants of recipes from Filipino, other Asian Cuisines like Chinese up to different International Cuisines. Our main goal is to help you in the kitchen to be an expert and skillful cook at the comfort of your own home and share you the skills, fundamentals and experiences that we acquired during our Culinary days, Trainings and Seminars over the years.

The Urban Recipes is dedicated in showing you that cooking at home will always and definitely will give you the best and highest quality of food you serve to your family and loved ones. This should be in terms of freshness, health and of course budget friendly ingredients. However, when you’re shopping for your food, you must keep in your mind that there are some things that are worth paying for. It is very important that you cook fresh and healthy ingredients. When you’re cooking at home, you know what you put in your food. Well atleast, if you found a hair strand in your food, you know it’s just yours. 

We have tons of ways and means for you to be an expert in your own kitchen even WITHOUT culinary titles, cooking classes and a fancy kitchen. With The Urban Recipes, the right tools, basic techniques and the best quality products available anything that will make cooking and preparing food for your family and loved ones to be undeniably FUN just the way it’s supposed to be. Surely, anyone of you will turn a simple recipe into a delicious, restaurant quality meal in no time. 

TheUrbanRecipes.com is the combinaion of all the recipes we had gathered from studying in a Culinary Arts Academy, some from our Ancestor’s Recipes, tons of research recipes and cookbooks that we did some experiments and tweak some fusions from different cuisines especially Asian Cuisines. We are also happy to share to all of you our healthy meals recipes that will cater people who are on a healthy diet and people with high-cholesterol, elevated triglycyrides or diabetes. These meals are low in sodium, sugar and fats. Also perfect for those people who work out in the gym and maintaining a healthy diet.


The Chefs Behind TheUrbanRecipes

Hi everyone, it is our greatest privilege to meet you all here. 1621925_725777024129949_6667451_n 

Welcome to TheUrbanRecipes (The World of our Love for Culinary!We started this food blog since the first quarter of 2014 from Spoonbee.com. We feel so grateful to be able to share a little something about our life.

We graduated in a Culinary Arts Academy with Certificate in Commercial Cooking NCII.

Charred and I are one of those certified gym rats and because of this, we decided to put up a traditional business the same year we published Spoonbee.com which is a Fitness Gym (Stratios Fitness Arena), we became so hands-on that our time had been occupied with the things our clients need in the gym and we didn’t have the time to take care of our food blog.

For over a year that passed by, Charred and I agreed to talk about Stratios and the things we missed and how we really love cooking and blogging. Sadly, we have to give up one of these and we decided that we continue our passion. We had to sell our business, after all, we can always work out for an hour or so while doing our chosen careers.

Charred, as the multi talented Web Developer/IT (a.k.a. the “e dot char of this career). 

Charred’s thing is about personal growth and speech. He is very effective in terms of leadership skills. He is a traditional businessman, owner of Stratios Fitness Arena way back in 2014 and is good in giving excellent customer service. However, Charred’s real forte is being a Computer Guru. He is an IT by profession, Web Developer, Graphic Artist (yes, he is an artist with huge ideas and has deep love for designs), my partner in Blogging, Content Creator (CMS), SEO Analyst and Affiliate Marketer. He loves cooking but he loves EATING more. 

Favourite dish (Western): Pasta Serena

Favourite dish (Eastern): Sing Jau Chow Mai- SIngapore Noodles

Favourite main ingredient: Beef (because it’s loaded with protein needed for gym work-out)

Favourite Chef’s knife: 8″ Wusthof Grand Prix II

Lani’s a bit of Self-Love bio:


Lani is an article writer/marketer since year 2010 (whoah! now I know, I’m getting old haha), blogger, Sofia’s momma (and I’m proud), part-owner of Stratios Fitness Arena.

I grew up in Pampanga cooking traditional Capampangan Cuisines with my mother and relatives but I enjoy cooking a wide variety of different cuisines especially Asian cuisines. 

My love for cooking started when I learned how to cook at the age of 16 for myself and my family especially when my mother will be out of town for work. I am always curious about how to cook a certain dish that’s why I made sure that I watched those relatives of mine with signature dishes while cooking. 

I graduated in Culinary Arts Academy with an award of “Most Outstanding in Kitchen Performance” but I am telling you, I’m not as good as Gordon Ramsay (someone that will make you bite your nails when he started screaming). I’m not a Michelin-starred Chef like him nor worked at a Five Star Hotel. In spite of all these, cooking is my passion and I love it as much as I love to eat. I love exploring different kinds of dishes that are new to me. I love the feeling when people felt great when they ate the food I cooked, it is what makes me happy. And most of all, cooking is one of my favourite hobbies next to writing and working out to keep myself healthy and fit.

My favourite dish (Western): Pasta Marinara

My favourite dish (Eastern): Chinese Style Braised Beef

My favourite ingredient: Seafood specifically Prawns (good thing that I’m not allergic to these)

My favourite Chef’s knife: 8″ Wusthof Classic IKON

And of course, let’s not forget Sofia. She is our quality control specialist, our favorite critic and a reluctant momma’s helper except for whisking eggs. Sofia loves being a part of this career. She is always looking forward for our next EATsperience in our kitchen.

We are truly blessed that we were able to find something that we sincerely love doing and be able to present to everyone our journey with this food blog. It is our driven passion to learn more and share these learnings to others. As our old-folks saying, “Sharing is Caring”. We hope that you will be happy to browse and learn here in The Urban Recipes as much as we are happy to share our knowledge and learnings. 

” May He give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed. ”  – Psalm 20:4

Mission and Vision

Our mission and vision is to share the most and amazing Filipino favorite recipes 


Our blog is a team effort. Several Chefs and Guests contribute regularly on issues related Filipino recipes. Find it out!


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